Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's been a while since I've posted here's a few "items" that have been accumulating:

Just a few phrases you will probably only hear in a home school....."Put your gun down and finish your math!" or, when the smoke detector goes off, "If you kids get out of your seats you're going to be in HUGE trouble!".

Jubal the other day: "Why can't I shoot my finger at someone? is it because there's not an orange tip on it?"

I was sick the other day when Elsa came in and asked if she could pray for me. "Wonderful", I thought, as she laid her hands on my head and prayed for my healing.....all the while Andie, who had followed her in, was gently kissing me on the lips. This was great until they started to wrestle for my "body" like the biblical reference to Michael the angel and the devil disputing about the body of Moses (Jude 1:9). No wonder I was ill in bed.

And today, the kids were busy trying to lasso each other as they sped by on their bikes. This worried me because they were getting more accurate with each pass, and the rope they were using was a nice sturdy one that really held its shape while being whirled in the air above their heads waiting to be tossed upon its next speeding victim. So, now they all want to know where they can buy more rope. I guess it's no fun having to share one piece of rope between 6 kids. Marilla announced she would like for hers to be "... at least 8 yards, which is 24 ft, in length." Well, at least they're paying attention in math.