Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas? Already? *sigh*

How is it that I don't even remember celebrating Thanksgiving, and yet here we are, three weeks out from Christmas?  I have no idea where the time went and honestly I don't have time to wonder, I'm wandering. Yes, wandering in and out of music lesson and the walk-in department at the clinic in Weston.  Strep and various viruses seem to be the 'order' for the month. 

Eugene had been sick since Thanksgiving, and I had the joy of laying on the couch with a Kemps ice cream bucket trying to supervise the children and my heaving stomach at the same time.

Now I have two kids that are waking up every morning with their eyes stuck shut.  "Eye Boogers", is Andie's name for this latest ailment.  She related to me yesterday morning as I took a warm washcloth to her eyes, " I woke up and I had to go to the bathroom, but I couldn't get my eyes open!"
"Well, what did you do?"
"I couldn't see, so I just laid there tried to go back to sleep....."
"Oh, Andie!"
"I tried to twist them [eye boogers] off, but I was afraid my eyebrow [eye lashes] would come out."

Drat those eye boogers!

So, now we are facing the Annual Christmas concert tomorrow with sick kids running fevers and the occasional 'eye booger' appearing during the day.  I really don't like to drag kids out when they look like this.  I'm already thinking of creative ways to avoid making eye contact with the other parents who I'm sure, with their eagle eye, will have notice the physical ailments of the Von Haden children. 

I've thought of bringing a bottle of spray disinfectant to wipe down the piano keys with after my kids are done with their performance, but quickly dispersed with that idea.  The silent wave of panic that would sweep through that auditorium following that simple effort in hygiene would cause a stamped to the double doors in the rear.  Hmmm.  WWJD?

Well, being the praying type, we have been doing alot of praying and have even had a little time of  "...laying hands on the sick...".  Elsa and Reuben both joined me in laying hands on Andie to pray for her yesterday morning as I was trying to soften up the crude on her nose and eyes. 

I love the faith of children.  The ability to trust in a God mighty enought to heal, yet tender and loving enough to live in their hearts.  The healer of their bodies, whose birth they celebrate and honor with carols. and songs of joy and wonder. 

And so, by faith, we will be there tomorrow.  It's all for you, Jesus.  We will play to honor you.