Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Rope

The kids found a piece of rope in the garage the other day. I have never seen one object spark such imagination.

Today they are playing farm with the rope. Maddie the neighbour girl (the lucky one who actually got to use the rope) was the "cow" tied up to the swing set on all fours biting grass with her teeth while the other "cattle, sheep and horses" were "out to pasture". This meant that they were crawling around the yard ripping grass with their teeth or hands. Some of this grass was deposited in a wagon for "hay". All because of a piece of rope.

The fun was in full swing when Jubal, clad in running pants and cowboy boots, suggested that they butcher the cow (Maddie) for market the next day. This caused a hush to fall over the "livestock". Then a voice piped up with the idea that maybe she should have a calf first. This motion was met with much enthusiasm and approved by all until a "horse" announced that, "Well, ya' know....sometimes the baby cows don't live." The "cow" was becoming nervous. She quickly shed the piece of rope.

They wrapped up the activity by "baling" the "hay" in some old newspapers and stacking it under the swing set for later use. The rope quickly found its new calling as a "harness" for "horse " who was then called upon to pull the "farmer" around on his tractor (scooter). Go rope!

Who would have thought that such a simple thing as a length of rope could have entertained and fueled the imagination of a group of kids for so long. Three cheers for "The Rope" and a neighbourhood of kids who still know how to have old fashion fun!!!