Monday, July 26, 2010

The tooth and nothing but.....

I was sitting on the couch tonight, giving a parental review to a book that Marilla had brought home from the library when I heard a huge crash followed by a wail of pain.  Leaping off the couch, I raced up the stairs and to the room of the crying child.  Andie was laying face down on the hardwood floor with tears streaming from her eyes and her mouth bathed in blood.  It's amazing how fast you can move when you find one of your children in that position. 

I snatched her up in my arms and carried her to the bathroom where I ran cold water over a clean washcloth and tried applying it to her mouth.  I say "tried" because my hands shaking and I could already taste blood in my own mouth. (This is a wonderful phenomenon that happens to me when ever I have to administer first-aid to a child with a mouth wound.  The last time it happened, I ended up passing out on the bathroom floor while trying to comfort Jubal who had smashed his lips and teeth while using the hammock for a trampoline.)
Eugene, knowing my history of fainting, was just as concerned about me as he was Andie. 

It was when Eug examined Andie's mouth, ran back into her bedroom, and returned with a tooth in his hand that I could feel my mouth starting to get numb and head started to buzz.  I handed the distraught child to her father and promptly hit the floor to get my head between my knees.  No, I did not pass out, but it took me a few minutes to recover to where I could resume my duties as "supermom".  Ha!  

Poor Andie had knocked out her front right tooth!  She was so distraught.  She kept crying and saying, "....all I was trying to do was go to sleep.....I was just trying to sleep when I fell out of bed and hurt my tooth....."  (I was still tasting blood.)  Oh, there's blood on my hand.....look at my tooth, it's gone!.....the tooth fairy......papa's braces......Elsa tooth...."  She was a basket case and I was still feeling very light-headed.

The drama soon got under control and Andie was whisked, by a teetering mother, off to the bedroom for a change of pajamas. She soon snuggled down with her blanket and thumb to drift off to our bed.  She wanted no part of her bed which had so rudely tossed her onto the floor while she was "trying to go to sleep.". 

So, do these things happen to anyone else?  Because I can still taste blood.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Strange Thing

As I was getting the kids ready for bed tonight I heard some ruckus on the back porch. 

A bang, (the exterior door on the porch being slammed open) a scramble, (my dog who has a phobia of stairs, tearing up the stairs in a panic)  a thud, (Eugene, who having the leash wrapped around his arm and being un-prepared for the "panic on the steps", falling and being drug up the steps)  and a muffled cry for help. ( Eugene on the back porch, flat on his back, tangled with a nervous Kin and his leash )

I arrived for the last of this humorous happening and observed from the safety of kitchen screen door the tangled pile of dog, human, and leash.  Did I lend a hand?  Why yes, I opened the door and called the dog in the house.

My New Hobby

Hardwood floors.
A nervous cat. 
A dog who wags his whole body. 
Microfiber dust mops. 

Four sentences that sum up my new pastime since moving to the new house. 

*sigh*  I can not even start to describe the piles of dust and pet hair I have acquired with my newly purchased cleaning equipment.  If I was truly a resourceful housewife I would start to recycle my acquisitions into woven rugs and mats or perhaps matting it with a little water and beating it into a felt-type of material?  Um, no.

I am shamefully obsessed with this new chore and as of yet, have not allowed the kids to work this "sophisticated equipment". As a result, yet another phrase has made it's way into the usual 101 phrases my children are treated to on a daily basis. "Hey, get out of my dirt!" is repeated more than once during the day as I attempt to purge my wood floors of animal hair while the kids are running through the room and NOT attempting to skirt the piles I have accumulated.  Argh.

Why is it that the kids can be outside playing and running around.....and as soon as I start to get productive with the dust mop they all congregate in that VERY ROOM?  I could have a pile of dust and pet hair 3 ft high and still have kids walking through it and acting shocked and surprised when their mis-deed is pointed out.
I'm in the process of trying to get in on the government's stimulus package to see if I can get funding to do a case study on the phenomenon of  "Children who persistently insist on walking through swept up piles of dust."

Well, it's worth a shot.

Monday, July 19, 2010


What a day.

I drove 3 of the kids to camp.

My dog had an attack of diarrhea right in the middle of a downtown intersection.

Our six year old daughter caused the rear window on the back of the Suburban to explode, shatter, and buckle in half.

The four year old just happened to be in the upstairs bathroom when the ceramic toilet paper holder "fell" off the wall.

The Bonneville is in the shop for repairs.

I am going to bed.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Completed Move!

Just a quick update. Yes, we have completed the move and are in our new house! Every morning when I wake up I am so thankful for God's blessings. I now have a large, sun lite home in which to "slave-drive" my children. (haha...that was a joke.) They do have many more chores in this home than in the house in Wausau, but for the most part they're understanding of the work needed in a larger house.

The children are adjusting nicely and are zooming down to the local library on their bikes 5-7 times a week. The bakery has also been graced with their presence as they have (on orders from their mother) picked up rolls and sweets on occasion for a breakfast treat. We have a sidewalk in front of our house here, so Andie has ventured onto her two-wheeler with training wheels and is well on her way to competing in the Tour' de France in a few years.

I do plan on having some pictures taken and posted in the next few weeks of our new home, but we have not had our Internet hooked up as of yet. argh. I do hope to post and blog more often once things get back to normal.....whatever that is.

Ta-ta! (fancy words for "good-by")