Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A new day!

Yes, today I completed the last steps of deleting my Facebook account and it felt GOOD! One of the most productive thing I've done so far this week. I do hope to have a few more "real" friends following my blog......so, if you wouldn't mind, just click on the "Follow" button over to the right and feel free to comment as your little heart dictates. Thanks, and I hope your week is ever so productive as mine has turned out to be.


  1. I miss your quick quips and posts on Facebook. Hope to hear from you often on your blog. I know you must be busy with your new home. I saw the pictures on Eugene's FB. What an awesome home with LOTS of character! I can't wait to see it when you're finished with it, Sarah! Maybe next time we're home on deputation (2012), we'll get to stop by and visit. I'd love that! Have you moved in yet? Are the kids loving it? What does yer Mom think of it? Blessings to you all. The Nicholls

  2. Hey, I'm follerin' you! (that's TN-speak) I can't seem to figure out a way to simply email you (and no, I will not be calling you... I hate to get phone calls, and I won't assault you with yet another thing to do), so I'll just tell the world and your other twelve followers that it was great chewin' the fat in your (soon to be) old house, and discussing the glories of Saxon Math and chasing Joel down your street. :) Thank you for the nook-and-cranny tour of your fascinating home and I'm sorry for not drinking your coffee (realized later I never had any)! :) It was loads o' fun. The next time I take a cross-country trek with the chilluns, I'll have to stop by ol' Wittenburg and nail a few theses to your door. ;)