Friday, October 2, 2009

Well.....for all you who've said I should write a book. This is not a book. It's a attempt to better record the crazy, happy, blessed, and fast life my family lives.

If I had a dollar for every time I thought, "Oh, I should write that down...." during the day when the kids are spouting off childish wisdom and wit, I would be a very wealthy lady and would be living my dream of touring this great nation in an RV with all my children in tow.

I don't have an RV, and I am not touring North America. Hence, the need to start blogging.....Hoping that someday my kids will read the archives of this blog and talk amongst themselves how truly blessed they were to have such a great up-bringing and comment with awe and reverence in their voice, "Wow, and to think we stayed saved and sane after going through that many Sunday mornings getting ready for Sunday School and trying to get to church on time.".

Simeon, Marilla, Jubal, Elsa, Reuben, and Andie Lou Who....this is for you.

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