Saturday, July 24, 2010

My New Hobby

Hardwood floors.
A nervous cat. 
A dog who wags his whole body. 
Microfiber dust mops. 

Four sentences that sum up my new pastime since moving to the new house. 

*sigh*  I can not even start to describe the piles of dust and pet hair I have acquired with my newly purchased cleaning equipment.  If I was truly a resourceful housewife I would start to recycle my acquisitions into woven rugs and mats or perhaps matting it with a little water and beating it into a felt-type of material?  Um, no.

I am shamefully obsessed with this new chore and as of yet, have not allowed the kids to work this "sophisticated equipment". As a result, yet another phrase has made it's way into the usual 101 phrases my children are treated to on a daily basis. "Hey, get out of my dirt!" is repeated more than once during the day as I attempt to purge my wood floors of animal hair while the kids are running through the room and NOT attempting to skirt the piles I have accumulated.  Argh.

Why is it that the kids can be outside playing and running around.....and as soon as I start to get productive with the dust mop they all congregate in that VERY ROOM?  I could have a pile of dust and pet hair 3 ft high and still have kids walking through it and acting shocked and surprised when their mis-deed is pointed out.
I'm in the process of trying to get in on the government's stimulus package to see if I can get funding to do a case study on the phenomenon of  "Children who persistently insist on walking through swept up piles of dust."

Well, it's worth a shot.

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