Monday, July 26, 2010

The tooth and nothing but.....

I was sitting on the couch tonight, giving a parental review to a book that Marilla had brought home from the library when I heard a huge crash followed by a wail of pain.  Leaping off the couch, I raced up the stairs and to the room of the crying child.  Andie was laying face down on the hardwood floor with tears streaming from her eyes and her mouth bathed in blood.  It's amazing how fast you can move when you find one of your children in that position. 

I snatched her up in my arms and carried her to the bathroom where I ran cold water over a clean washcloth and tried applying it to her mouth.  I say "tried" because my hands shaking and I could already taste blood in my own mouth. (This is a wonderful phenomenon that happens to me when ever I have to administer first-aid to a child with a mouth wound.  The last time it happened, I ended up passing out on the bathroom floor while trying to comfort Jubal who had smashed his lips and teeth while using the hammock for a trampoline.)
Eugene, knowing my history of fainting, was just as concerned about me as he was Andie. 

It was when Eug examined Andie's mouth, ran back into her bedroom, and returned with a tooth in his hand that I could feel my mouth starting to get numb and head started to buzz.  I handed the distraught child to her father and promptly hit the floor to get my head between my knees.  No, I did not pass out, but it took me a few minutes to recover to where I could resume my duties as "supermom".  Ha!  

Poor Andie had knocked out her front right tooth!  She was so distraught.  She kept crying and saying, "....all I was trying to do was go to sleep.....I was just trying to sleep when I fell out of bed and hurt my tooth....."  (I was still tasting blood.)  Oh, there's blood on my hand.....look at my tooth, it's gone!.....the tooth fairy......papa's braces......Elsa tooth...."  She was a basket case and I was still feeling very light-headed.

The drama soon got under control and Andie was whisked, by a teetering mother, off to the bedroom for a change of pajamas. She soon snuggled down with her blanket and thumb to drift off to our bed.  She wanted no part of her bed which had so rudely tossed her onto the floor while she was "trying to go to sleep.". 

So, do these things happen to anyone else?  Because I can still taste blood.

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  1. OOOhh, so sorry for little miss andie! What a rude bed! I think you should get her a new one. and this time make sure it is the polite kind!