Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Strange Thing

As I was getting the kids ready for bed tonight I heard some ruckus on the back porch. 

A bang, (the exterior door on the porch being slammed open) a scramble, (my dog who has a phobia of stairs, tearing up the stairs in a panic)  a thud, (Eugene, who having the leash wrapped around his arm and being un-prepared for the "panic on the steps", falling and being drug up the steps)  and a muffled cry for help. ( Eugene on the back porch, flat on his back, tangled with a nervous Kin and his leash )

I arrived for the last of this humorous happening and observed from the safety of kitchen screen door the tangled pile of dog, human, and leash.  Did I lend a hand?  Why yes, I opened the door and called the dog in the house.

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