Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Seasons Project

I took my two violinist-Simeon and Elsa- to see violinist Robert McDuffie with The Venice Baroque Orchestra at The Grand tonight.  They were playing Antonio Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" along with "The American Four Seasons" composed by Philip Glass as a companion piece to Vivaldi's. 

I could never do the experience justice with mere words. 

Simeon sat smiling with eyes closed for part of the concert and I had to keep Elsa from applauding between movements so exuberant was her response.  I knew what they were feeling.  The music took my breath away as we sat spellbound for 2 hours of musical bliss.

I found myself breathing (or not) with the intensity of the music.  Shaken and saturated with the sheer beauty of the murmuring stream, the approaching storm with it's lightning and thunder, the summer's oppressing heat, the melody of the hunters call and the snow with freezing winds.

It was not a concert.  It was a piece of heaven.  If this is what man can compose, I can hardly wait.

A little note:  Elsa prayed right before the concert that she would get a ticket for a seat next to her violin teacher who was also going.  He had bought his ticket months in advance......we were buying ours at the door.  I did not have the heart to tell her that chances were slim to none that we would be even in the same section.
Elsa's seat was row E seat 4, her teacher's was row E seat 6.  Seat 5 was empty.

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